What are the uses of PTFE Gaskets and metal gaskets?

What are the uses of PTFE Gaskets and metal gaskets?

June 22, 2020

There are many types of gaskets, there are many different types of gaskets on the market, and different gaskets have different uses. Do you know what the purpose of PTFE Gaskets and metal gaskets are? What is the choice of PTFE Gaskets? Let me introduce the relevant content to you today

   PTFE Gaskets, the full name of PTFE gasket, refers to a flat gasket, V-shaped gasket, piston ring and ball valve gasket made by mechanically turning or cutting PTFE rods, tubes and plates. In fluid machinery, such as pumps, compressors, mixing kettles and centrifuges, the parts with the strictest operating conditions are of course PTFE gaskets.

PTFE Gaskets
  Use of PTFE Gaskets

   The use of PTFE Gaskets is relatively extensive. You can use PTFE gaskets to repair leaks in the cracks on the damage to the industrial facilities, as well as to install and splice some brittle materials. In some mechanical processing, due to processing deformation or installation dislocation defects, qualified repairs can be obtained by repairing PTFE gaskets.

PTFE Gaskets are not only used in industrial facilities, but are also widely used in some related facilities in the field of food or medicine. Because PTFE Gaskets have a characteristic, it will not cause any pollution to the materials of the facility under repair. This is a seal. Cleanliness products.

Metal gaskets are generally made of high-precision, high-hardness sheet materials. They are usually used in the adjustment and measurement of precision molds or precision hardware, or as pads, called precision gaskets, sometimes called Mold gasket or precision gap sheet.

The purpose of    metal gasket is generally directly used in electronic instruments, mold manufacturing, precision machinery, hardware parts, mechanical parts, stamping parts and small hardware manufacturing. The sealing effect in the flange connection is also a great use of metal gaskets.

  How to choose PTFE Gaskets, considering the importance of sealing, and the serious consequences of leakage such as explosion, combustion and corrosion, then we should consider good quality PTFE gasket materials.