In 2015, R.S.L. established a long-term relationship  with Guangdong Rubber Association and Guangdong Rubber Industry Research Institute. We together set up a modern professional physics laboratory, in which there are modern and advanced equipment supplied and assembled by D&G, a well-known manufacturer of testing instruments in China.
It is a numerical control management physics testing laboratory. Based on the modern CNC management concept, the lab can accurately test the record the results of various experiments, and ensure that R.S.L. can provide high quality and efficient products.


Bench Hardness Tester

Shore durometer is installed in the bench hardness tester and is used for vulcanized rubber and plastic products. The measurement is convenient and accurate. This kind of equipment can accurately test and ensure the rubber hardness to meet the national standard.

               Thickness Gauge

This product can be used to detect the thickness of any material, and exert a certain pressure on the surface in the meantime, which caneffectively avoid the compressibility or surface smoothness because of the volatile situation of the sample.

It is mainly used in film, paper, sheet material (such as PET, PVC), aluminum foil, copper foil thickness test, in addition, it can be used in battery separator, copper chip and textile test in batteries.

Optical Magnifier

1) The multiplier is precise.

2) The displayed image is high and clear without any distortion and aberration.

3) Both sides adopt imported vacuum coating protection and super lens transmittance, which can effectively prevent the damage and mildew of the lens.

It is equipped with 6400K ring without shadow or white light and UV fluorescent lamp, and the light can irradiate from all angles.


              MDR-2000 Non-rotor-free Vulcanizator

The mdr-2000 non-rotor-free vulcanizator is a machine that compares the advantages and disadvantages of various vulcanization, and combines self - innovation.

It can be used to determine the characteristics of rubber vulcanization for the actual production in the factory, and also for the basicresearch. It is a kind of important equipment for the control of ingredients.


The main parameters

1) The range of temperature control: From room temperature 25℃ to 300 ℃
2) The minimum display: 0.1 ℃
3) The heating speed: about 30 ℃ / min
4) Torque range: 0-20nm
5) Minimum torque reading: 0.001 NM
6) Swing angle: + / - 0.5 ° plus or minus 1 ° + 3 °
7) Swing frequency: 100r/min (1.66 Hz)
8) Power supply voltage: 220C + -15v
9) Pressure of air source: > 0.3 Mpa
10) Quality standard: ISO 6502


1) The full function control of Windows 7 software - international standard (test results can be stored for comparison, amplification, statistical analysis, color printing, and networking), and upgrade can be guaranteed.
2) Modular structure design (machine, electricity) - high reliability and convenient replacement of spare parts.
3) The main cylinder made in Europe (CAMOZZI, Italy) - long life (can be used under low pressure)
4) High-accuracy standard sensor (American brand) - high accuracy, no correction (no f-v deviation error and resistance error can be self-tested and automatically corrected each time).


             DXLL Series Computer-Type Material Testing Machine

This is applicable for testing the relationship between material and deformation experiment. It can be widely used for metal, non-metallic materials, mechanical parts and finished products on the tensile, bending, stripping, compression, sag, adhesion, tearing and other experiments and analysis.


Main technical parameters:

1. Maximum load: 50000N
2. Load accuracy: + / -0.5% (> 2N)
3. Measuring deformation: 0-1200mm (0.02)
4. Effective test stroke: 1000
5. Measuring accuracy: + / -0.05mm (150mm international standard sample stick)
6. Speed accuracy: + / -0.5% FS (can be self-powered for all non-metallic item)
7. Speed setting: automatic computer
8. Power protection mode: random set

Main features of equipment:

1. Measurement system:

1) It is a kind of fully automatic measuring system, which can guarantee the accuracy automatically, and can easily measure the accuracy of + / -0.2% of the display value, and the most powerful characteristics is the fine resolution.
2) America branded-Force transducer  (with automatic set).
3) Automatic standard force, standard long calibration system, can be carried out by any metro-logical department for dumpster calibration (add some standard force, enter password, and keep the length calibration standard).
4) Automatic measuring system

2. Mechanical structure:

1) It adopts gantry frame structure and has the gap of the high precision ball double wire rod load to ensure rigidity and load on the machine efficiency. It has a larger test space, used for all kinds of tests. To guarantee the big load test function of the machine, it has the advantage of easy operation.
2) The bearing is imported from Japan, the synchronous belt is also imported, and there are many stainless steel components provided for the shell.
3) Low-resistance laser calibration measurement and elongation system.
4) The encoder of the patent structure does not need to disassemble (the limit is the German position sensor) in the high and low temperature box.

3. Driving device:

The motor is the British dc servo torque motor (which has the feature of anti-overload).

4. Data system:

1) The Chinese Windows xp version of the software can be upgraded at any time, and it adopts curvilinear color inkjet printing which can produce the most advanced software output color curve reports.
2) During the test, it can display real-time load, deformation, displacement, speed, maximum strength, breaking strength, elongation at break, tensile modulus and other test data (with the function of plastic function) and stress - strain curve. It can automatically save, read, analyze, amplificate, calculate, judge, add up, etc. the test results.


               Air Aging Test Chamber

Air aging test chamber adopts the hot air circulation way to prompt specimens to get aging. The inner carton has a strong sealing performance, and there is a exhaust chamber inside the device. It will automatically cut off the protection device when being over heated, which conforms to the requirements of the ul - 1581 test.

 It is used to test wire, cable, insulator or coated rubber test film and compare their tensile strength and elongation of aging before and afteraging.

Performance indicators
Temperature rangeRT+10℃~300
Uniformity         ±2
Constant volatility±0.5
Take a breath of time1min9999h  adjustable

Temperature control system operation
The controllerImport LED display  PID+SSRmicrocomputer integrated controller
Precision rangeSet: precision temperature 0.1 , indicating: precision temperature 0.1 , resolution: 0.1
Heating systemAll independent system, nickel-chromium alloy electric heating heater
Timing range1min9999h  adjustable
The circulatory systemHigh temperature resistant low noise motor. Leafy type centrifugal rotor

               Pneumatic Cutting Machine

It adopts the pneumatic method to generate the pressure to cut the specimen. Being equipped with various types of cutting tools, it can quickly cut various specimens which is very labor-saving. There are different shapes of blades and commonly used soft tablet-shape materials for different purposes and requirements. When cutting the test plate, the samples and the knife are put on the cutting board together, then the start switch will be pressed to produce the pressure to make the knife to cut the samples directly.