How is natural rubber made? | rubber cushion

How is natural rubber made? | rubber cushion

May 28, 2021

Rubber products are very important for Industry and even the whole country. Many friends don't know how natural rubber is made. Today, we will explore with the technicians of RSL rubber seal how natural rubber evolved from seed to widely used rubber.
Rubber forest (this is a forest in Hainan, China)

In December, rubber seeds mature and can be picked up on the ground
The shell of rubber seed is hard and glossy

Inside of rubber seed
After picking up rubber seeds, we need to raise seedlings (mainly soaking in nutrient solution)

After raising seedlings, new rubber seedlings should be grafted to accelerate their growth

Rubber saplings

Trifolium rubber (rubber tree usually has 3 leaves per branch)
There is also latex in the rubber petiole (this kind of white latex is the original solution of rubber)

Traditional tapping
In order to ensure the quality and quantity of rubber stock solution, the time and times of tapping should be determined by experienced tapping workers according to different weather, temperature and humidity.

Electric rubber cutter (manual)
Because the labor intensity is too high and the working time is too long, the technology is gradually improved to the electric rubber cutter to improve the output, but it mainly depends on manpower.

Automatic rubber cutter (Hainan rubber garden demonstration area)
With the progress of science and technology and the application of big data technology, many rubber plantations now use automatic rubber cutters to complete their operations. This system can automatically calculate the time and times of tapping according to the temperature and humidity of the day, and fully realize automatic management, which greatly saves labor.

Preservation and storage of latex after harvest

Large storage tank
The stored rubber liquid will become a rubber block for convenient transportation through filtration, impurity removal, air drying and other processes.
Dear friends, I believe that through the above pictures, smart you already know how to make rubber.
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