The importance of rubber dust cover seal hydraulic selection

The importance of rubber dust cover seal hydraulic selection

July 22, 2020

Rubber dust cover seal is one of the seals. Because it is made of rubber, it is generally called rubber dust cover seal. There are different types of rubber used in rubber dust cover seal, including natural rubber. Natural rubber, which has good elasticity and mechanical strength, has good hysteresis loss and flexibility.

The selection of rubber dust cover seal's hydraulic oil is very cautious, so in order to avoid mistakes. In the selection, the adaptability to the material and the working temperature and the compatibility to the oil should be considered, so that the correct choice and effective use can be made.

rubber dust cover seal
We can generally be divided into solid rubber, liquid rubber, emulsion rubber, and powder rubber according to the shape of the first called. Rubber dust cover seals are generally used in the automotive industry in fuel systems and fuel systems. The daily necessities industry includes heating equipment, sanitary ware, etc., and the materials used are different depending on the environment.

The hydraulic and pneumatic industry generally includes semiconductor production and the chemical industry. These rubber dust cover seals have specific types on the grooves, generally speaking, there are two kinds of integral grooves and split grooves. As for the choice, it depends on the actual situation and is determined by it.

What we also need to know is that if it is a split groove, the gland must be tightened on the installation, so that it works. Regarding the rubber dust cover seal, it can be said that the above questions and their answers can actually involve the specific knowledge content of the product, so these need to be treated and carried out seriously, because only in this way can they continue to develop on the road. Advance, and at the same time improve the use effect of the seal, so as to improve its economic benefits.

The rubber dust cover seal is a kind of general basic element in the sealing device, which effectively solves the leakage and sealing problems, because the rubber has an elastic polymer material, which has high elasticity and good insulation performance. These basic characteristics of rubber make it an excellent material for shock absorption, sealing and insulation in the industry. According to different raw materials, it can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is relatively small. Synthetic rubber is invented to make up for the shortage of natural rubber and has the characteristics of natural rubber.