Specific properties of different flange gaskets

Specific properties of different flange gaskets

October 15, 2020

We all know that there is a small part that plays a sealing role in the connection of the flange, that is, the gasket. Flange gaskets will be affected by medium, temperature, pressure, etc. during normal use, but many people do not know the specific performance of different gaskets. Today we will briefly introduce the performance of several flange gaskets.

1. Flange metal gasket

Flange metal gaskets can be divided into octagonal and elliptical gaskets, tooth form, and lens gasket. They are made of pure iron, extremely soft steel, aluminum and other materials. Metal gaskets have very high requirements for the processing accuracy and surface roughness of the sealing surface. Its bolts have a large pressing force and are more suitable for valves under high temperature and high pressure.

The flange metal gaskets we mentioned at the beginning are suitable for different places. Octagonal and elliptical flange gaskets are suitable for trapezoidal grooved flange sealing surface type A wafer butterfly valves; the tooth form is actually an improvement on the metal flat gasket, and the bevel tooth-shaped corrugation is processed. It is suitable for use on the sealing surface of concave and convex flanges. It goes without saying that the lens gasket is actually a gasket suitable for the sealing surface of the lens flange.

2. Flange graphite gasket

The biggest characteristic of graphite is its softness. Therefore, gaskets generally made of graphite are often used in high temperature and highly corrosive media.

3. Flange metal-clad graphite gasket

Flange metal-clad graphite gaskets and flange graphite gaskets are different. You must pay attention when choosing enough to buy. Flange metal-clad graphite gaskets are made of thin metal covered with annular asbestos gaskets, which are more suitable for use in high temperature and high pressure environments.

The above is the specific characteristics of the three different types of flange gaskets I have summarized for you today, as well as the scope of use. In fact, in addition to the three types of flange gaskets we introduced today, there are many other types of gaskets. , Such as: spiral wound gaskets suitable for use in high temperature and medium pressure valves, and PTFE gaskets suitable for use in low temperature and strong corrosive media with various pressures.