Silicone extrusion profiles,The smell of silicone products

Silicone extrusion profiles,The smell of silicone products

April 28, 2021

Silicone products have an odor, is the odor toxic? How to eliminate it? Especially the after-sales evaluation of some silicone gifts or daily necessities sold on Alibaba, almost all reflect the smell of this silicone product. Today, RSL rubber seals technicians will give you a superficial comment.

Silicone products,silicone extrusion profiles
  From the point of view of raw materials, silica gel is a natural and environmentally friendly material. Silicone materials for different purposes can pass relevant testing standards. For example, pacifiers can pass food-grade silicone testing, and silicone medical accessories can pass medical testing. If you don’t believe it The test report, then the Western countries’ love for this product is the best proof. Especially silicone kitchenware, silicone cake molds, silicone spoons are everywhere in life, and some
silicone omelettes are all food-grade silicone high-temperature molding.

  For silicone products, there is a smell, this smell is not a harmful substance, nor does it harm the human body. The molding of silicone products mainly depends on this to catalyze the molding. Silicone products such as silicone folding cups and silicone ice trays produced by RSL rubber seals manufacturers do not have this taste. RSL rubber uses Dow Corning silica gel, and the catalyst uses odorless materials, so the products made will not taste. If you encounter such a smell of silicone products, please put the product in a ventilated place for a while, the smell will be completely dissipated, and batches of silicone products will produce such a smell. About Silicone Rubber Products Factory "Provide consumers with trustworthy, high-quality and green products." RSL rubber seals has always adhered to the production philosophy. The company adopts advanced and scientific ERP management system, and has a good cooperative relationship with related institutions, laboratories, professional testing companies and well-known listed companies, and has established its own quality inspection system.

 Regarding silicone rubber products, the production of silicone rubber products is a complicated process, except for machine and human factors. Intermediate inspection is the key to discovering and solving major product quality problems. Therefore, maintaining the normal operation of the machine, the good working condition of the mold, and strengthening the operating skills and quality awareness training of the operators and quality control personnel are the keys to reducing poor production and the benefits of the enterprise.

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