o-ring installation requirements and leakage prevention

o-ring installation requirements and leakage prevention

August 16, 2020

  When using the o-ring, pay attention to the operation of the installation process and see if the sealing state is stable, because these operations can easily affect the service life of the o-ring.

       The leakage problem in the later use may also be caused by imperfect installation and operation, which can easily damage the o-ring product. Although the o-ring components can be replaced in general equipment operation, if the damaged sealing components are not replaced in time, it is still easy to cause great production losses, and may even cause damage to the production equipment.

   So in the process of installing o-ring, you must pay attention to the handling of every detail, especially for scratches and damage. Mistakes are not allowed in the installation operation. Although the o-ring itself has high elasticity and deformation strength, the wrong installation will still cause great damage to the sealing parts. If the seal ring is scratched or installed carelessly, it may cause problems such as twisting, and make the machine a safety hazard. Before installation, the sealing groove and mating surface must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all impurities. If there are cracks or scratches, the intact parts should be replaced in time. At the same time, apply grease evenly on the surface of the o-ring to ensure that the equipment is in good condition in use.

   In addition, it is necessary to prevent the imported o-ring from being scratched by sharp objects during the installation operation, so a certain lead-in angle must be left at the end of the installation shaft and the hole to keep the seal ring smoothly installed in a fixed position. If you need to pass a thread during installation, you must use a special metal guide sleeve for operation. In addition, you need to pay attention to keeping the o-ring away from the sharp part when passing through the incision. Normal operation can only be guaranteed when it is intact.