O-ring characteristics and storage methods.

O-ring characteristics and storage methods.

February 08, 2021

O-ring is a sealing component with a circular cross-section. O-ring is commonly used in a variety of industrial equipment. It has a sealing effect in necessary temperature, working pressure, and different liquid or vapor substances. , Compared with other sealing rings, o-rings have the following six advantages:

1. The sealing position of the o-ring is simple in structure, the installation position is compact, and the net weight is relatively light.

2. O-ring has self-sealing effect, and the actual sealing effect can be exceeded with one hydraulic seal.

3. The o-ring has good sealing properties. When it is used as a fixed seal, it basically has no leakage. When it is used as a fitness exercise seal, it only leaks when the speed is high.

4. The o-ring fitness exercise has little friction, and it can also be integrated into places where work pressure changes alternately.

5. O-ring specifications and pipe grooves have been standardized, low-cost, and easy to obtain goods, which is conducive to application and outsourcing.

Compared with other sealing rings, o-rings are also the following 3 problems, pay special attention to:

1. The friction resistance of the o-ring is large when it is started.

2. When the o-ring is used as the sealing performance of pneumatic equipment, grease must be added to avoid damage.

3. The o-ring has strict specifications and precision requirements for the production and processing of coupling parts, such as fitness surfaces, pipe trenches, and gaps.

O-ring storage method:

When installing the o-ring in the pipe trench, be careful not to distort the o-ring. When installing the o-ring, consider coating the trench and the o-ring with a sealing substance, which is not the best in the application. Do not open the original packaging of the o-ring, in case that dust or dirt on the o-ring will cause damage to the o-ring, and the sun should be minimized or placed around a high-temperature pyrogen such as a heating furnace to prevent promotion The o-ring is embrittled, and the binding should be prevented from hanging on the needle or metal wire to prevent deformation of the o-ring and damage to the lip end. It must be noted that: O-rings sometimes fade when stored, that is, the surface of the o-rings causes hoarfrost. Such conditions are not easy to negatively affect the function of the o-rings.