How to measure the size of O-rings?

How to measure the size of O-rings?

March 16, 2021

O-ring size measurement selection tools are selected according to customer requirements. There are two measurement methods: one: dark light measurement, and two: bright light measurement.

1. Dark light measurement refers to measuring the shadow of the O-ring. We generally use projectors for this measurement tool. Generally, the outer diameter and inner diameter of O-rings are measured. When measuring the size of O-rings, the diameter is measured at the upper, lower, left and right four points of the O-ring. The following methods are applicable to both the outer and inner diameters of O-rings:

1. On the projector, adjust the multiple size of the lens according to the size of the product, and adjust the lens clearly.

2. Place the coordinates on one edge of the o-ring and move closer to the coordinate line of the projector.

3. Find the icon marked with a circle on the projector, click the icon, and then press the confirm key, and you will find a point.

4. Move the coordinate to the second point of the O-ring, and also close the coordinate line to the edge of the O-ring, and then press the confirm key; and so on, so that after taking the four points of the O-ring , A diameter is measured.

2. Bright light measurement, that is, measuring the O-ring itself. We generally choose optical image measuring instrument for this kind of measuring tool. The measurement method is basically the same as that of the projector.