Celebrating RSL's successful cooperation with Maynilad Water Department in the Philippines!

Celebrating RSL's successful cooperation with Maynilad Water Department in the Philippines!

Celebrating RSL's successful cooperation with Maynilad Water Department in the Philippines!

In the fall of 2018, by chance, we met a customer from the Philippines, Success Rate Trading Corp., and through communication, we learned that the Philippines lacks scientific production experience in the field of pipe seals, but they have problems with flange gaskets and other products. However, it has relatively high standards.
Based on RSL's more than 20 years of rich flange gasket production experience, we quickly reached the first cooperation. After the gasket was delivered to the Philippines, it received unanimous praise from local customers.

In March 2019, we accepted the invitation of Success Rate Trading Corp. and went to Manila to discuss the establishment of the general agent in the Philippines. At the same time, we also met the head of Maynilad's water department, which highly recognized our products.

In April 2019, we formally signed an agency agreement with Success Rate Trading Corp. to make it the general agent of RSL's products in the Philippines.

In July 2019, after a long period of communication and testing, we successfully passed the relevant inspections of Maynilad Water Department and University of Manila, and our products were approved to enter the Philippine water system!

In October 2019, at the invitation of the Association of Engineers in the Philippines, we joined Success Rate Trading Corp. to participate in the 67th PSME(Philippines Engineers Conference). We won a commemorative trophy at the conference.


In the coming days, RSL will continue to work hard to develop greater cooperation with the Philippines!

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