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Rubber tube clamp pieces

Rubber tube clamp pieces

Material:304 stainless steel、EPDM Rubber
Payment:L/C or T/T

Rubber tube clamp pieces description:

Made of corrosion and rust resistant zinc-plated steel, this assortment of rubber clamps allow you to securely suspend hoses, cables, pipes and more. The rubber lining of the clamps absorb vibrations and jolts to withstand rigorous use and reduce wear and tear on cables. The set comes organized in a PVC storage case for convenient portability and storage.
Rubber lining absorbs vibrations and jolts, reducing wear and tear on cables and hoses
These flexible clamps adapt to fit snugly and have an oval fastening hole for easy adjustments
Made of corrosion and rust resistant zinc plated steel

Rubber Cushioned Stainless Steel hose clamp Cable Clamp

Product description:

1.HIGH QUALITY- 304 Stainless steel cable clamps which rubber cushioned. Salt resistant, anti rust, anti-corrosion, waterproof, oil-proof. These features make the clamps can be worked lasted for years. The quality rubber insulation on the clamps held up flawlessly. It is pliable which protect the tube well and keeps the clamp securely in place.

2.WIDELY USED: It is perfect for mounting varies lines just as the soft tube, steel tube, Aluminum wire line cable . It is widely used in boat/marine, windshield, car, UTV and home etc.

3.The P-Style design makes the clamps stylish, flexible and innovative.Strong and reliable. Easy to twist, bend, manipulate when install.

4.Size is shown in the picture.

5.ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY- It can be reused and recycle if you do not want them to stay on the original place thanks to the high quality material which makes them worked last for years.

These are very sturdy and strong stainless steel cable clamps. Waterproof, oil-proof, salt resistant, anti rust, anti-corrosion.The quality rubber insulation on the clamps held up flawlessly with the clamps. It is pliable which protect the tube well and keeps the clamp securely in place.

perfect for mounting any kind of cable pipe like soft tube, steel tube, Aluminum line in boat/marine, UTV, windshield and home etc.

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 Nut Clamp with Rubber

Product description:

• Made with Mild steel (Cold Rolled & Hot Rolled steel) or Stai nless steel (SS 304/SS 316)

• Horizontal, vertical and suspended installations. Steel, copper and PVC pipes

• Welded Nut M8/M10 with option of M10/M12

• Connection thread with M8/M10 dual-tapped boss

• Safe and Break Loads as per Chart

• Side Screw: 6 x 20 – Phillip head with vicer

• M6 Side Nuts can be provided on request

• High rigidity due to reinforcing rib

• The two locking screws allow adjustment to accommodate a grea ter variation in pipe diameter

• Fastener screws with captive washer

• With highly elastic vibration control lining

• Vibration control tested

• Electro galvanized as per ASTM B 633 Standards

• EPDM Lining rubber for sound reduction. Heat Resistance more then 120° Centigrade

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Company Features

1. Foshan Rong Sheng Long (R.S.L.) Rubber Seals Co., Ltd. has been widely recognized and popular for its rubber lined clamp.
2. In order to cater to the rapid changing of the society, Rong Sheng Long Rubber Seals has been focusing on the technical innovation.
3. We adequately identify and assess the environmental and social impacts and manage them through a systematic approach by reducing waste and pollution and sustainably use natural resources. Get more info! We are committed to more sustainable development. We have worked toward energy efficiency, waste reduction, and other ecological measures.

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