Rubber shock pad

Rubber shock pad


Model:Custom model



Payment:L/C or T/T

Bespoke Rubber Dust Cover Mouldings

We can produce Rubber Dust Covers with high temperature, ozone, oil, and grease resistance for use in a range of extreme conditions.

Rubber dust covers can be manufactured in a range of materials including(Rubber shock pad):


Where are rubber dust covers used?
Applications include control cables, suspension joints, exhaust systems, tie rod ends and vehicle brake systems.

Bellows and Connectors
The Rubber Company manufacture a range of rubber bellows, moulded bellows and stitched fabric bellows for industrial and mechanical machine protection requirements. Bellows protect rods, screwjacks and sealings from dirt, oil, dust and any other harmful contaminants. Stitched bellows are a cost effective product, due to the manufacturing process, compared to that of a moulded bellow.
Our bellows can be supplied in split and re-sealable form. The split is closed after installation using a zip, Velcro or press studs.
Bellows can also be fitted with extension control tapes, internal supports and breather vents.

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