PTFE Gasket Envelopes

PTFE Gasket Envelopes

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R.S.L. provides more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing custom PTFE gasket envelopes (as well as other PTFE gaskets) in any size, thickness, and any specially shaped configuration.  Our in-house capabilities of water jet cutting, flash cutting & die cutting along with skilled technicians provide manufacturing solutions that will guarantee you are provided on-time delivery of high performing PTFE gasket envelopes.

PTFE Gasket Envelopes

Our facility is arranged for JIT delivery and produciton of single prototype quantity to large scale production runs.
PTFE Gasket Envelope Applications

PTFE envelope pipe gaskets are fabricated with a PTFE protective covering envelope.  The advantages of this configuration include excellent resilience, outstanding mechanical strength and superb bolt retention.  These attributes are attained due to the chemical resistance characteristics of PTFE compressed sheet.  These features make PTE gakset envelopes suitable for:

General Purpose Glass Lined Equipment
Piping Services
Chemical & Petrochemical
PTFE Gasket Envelope Material

R.S.L. is a distributor of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) material.  Considered to be one of the most commonly available gasket materials in the marketplace today, we offer the following solid sheets (virgin PTFE), skived, reinforced and 100% expanded PTFE material.

The experienced team at R.S.L. Gasket can assist you with all your custom PTFE gaskets and seals needs – contact us today to experience our fast service. Or, request a quote today!

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