Rubber Suction

Rubber Suction

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Rubber Suction

A vacuum chuck is a technique that maintains the adhesion of two objects without separation by the degree of vacuum. There are industrial applications and folk applications. In the industry, by changing the vacuum of the suction cups, the "take" and "release" in the handling and migration process are realized, and the automatic mechanization is realized.

The RSL suction cup has the advantages of strong adsorption, durability and safety. And can be customized according to different customer requirements, different materials of the suction cup.

Common materials for RSL suction cups are:
NR: Strong adsorption capacity and excellent elasticity
NBR: It has excellent oil resistance and can better cope with the stain on the adsorption surface. It is especially suitable for adsorbing metal plates.
PU: Excellent wear and weather resistance, rich in color, beautiful and durable
Silicone: Excellent high temperature resistance, excellent resilience, especially suitable for high and low temperature environments

RSL suction cups are most widely used in current automated production lines or flow lines, robotic arms, etc.

Glass production line:

Glass curtain wall installation:

mechanical arm

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