How is natural rubber made? | rubber cushion

Rubber products are very important for Industry and even the whole country. Many friends don't know how natural rubber is made. Today, we will explore with the technicians of RSL rubber seal how natural rubber evolved from see

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About the working principle of vacuum suction cups

The vacuum suction device is a labor-saving machinery for object lifting and handling and holding by the vacuum source of the vacuum suction cup. Compared with machinery, the electromagnetic lifting device has the following charac

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The origin of the rubber sucker

The origin of the rubber sucker Suction cups generally refer to the adsorption organs of animals, which are in the shape of a circular funnel, which can be adsorbed on solid surfaces, and can also have the functions of ingestion

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What is an O-ring?

What is an O-ring? O-ring, (also known as O-ring, O-ring, O-ring) is a ring-shaped mechanical gasket. It is a ring-shaped elastomer with a circular cross-section and is generally fixed in a groove In the assembly process, it will

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