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Why Cork is Used as a Gasket Material


Cork gasket suppliers can give you what you want when you need to seal something. If you have been looking for something to give you the heat resistance you need for any item, cork gasket suppliers can give you what you need. Cork is an excellent material to be used in any gasket because of its amazing properties. Cork has a lot of qualities that make it an outstanding material to be used in any gasket. Cork has the resistant to high temperatures that you need in your gasket.

We will let you know why cork is what you need if you want to get an outstanding gasket. The gasket that you will get will have outstanding properties that will allow you to get the results you want. The high level of isolation and heat resistance in your basket will be a reality.


Good Oil Resistance

Since cork is good oil resistant, it has been used as a gasket material. This material is relatively cheap too. This material will also seal well at a temperature of up to 120 degrees Celsius and at low flange pressures. Cork materials are also used in crankcase covers, pumps, valve covers, inspection doors, electrical switchgear, electrical transformers, and to seal lids and general covers. If you are going to use cork or any other material in your gasket, you should require a certification. Cork is awesome for use bolt loading flanges and poor-quality flanges.


Remember that cork has anti-vibration properties which make it suitable for a wide array of applications including, but not limited to, automotive, electronic, and electrical applications. You can use your cork in any transformer gasket. If you have to deal with oil or water tanks, cork is good material for the gaskets that you will use. Remember also that cork is a stable and lightweight material. Water will not penetrate into any cork because the material is made from a useful hydrophobic substance. Cork also has excellent compressibility power.


Moisture Resistant

Cork is very resistant to moisture. It also has a touch of beauty that you will truly appreciate. It is very popular for a wide array of consumer product applications. Cork is also resistant to oil, and it has almost no lateral flow. Cork also has a high degree of what is called compressibility. Cork also has a high friction value. Cork is also the right material to use to withstand any high bolting pressure without breaking down the material. If you want to provide your gasket with an excellent level of insulation, cork is for you. Cork also has amazing fire-retardant qualities.

Cork is also truly resistant to wear and tear, and it is not affected in any way by temperature extremes. Cork is also resistant to seepage and sound. Cork is virtually indestructible and buoyant too. The type of cork is that used in the gasket is a combination of a synthetic rubber polymer and a first-grade granulated cork.

Cork gives any gasket the high resilience it needs along with a high degree of compressibility. The gasket can be manufactured using cork, a rubber binder, and a glycerin-glue under heat and pressure. A gasket can be made using 30% rubber binder and 70% cork. The rubber will give the gasket the power to seal. We have talked about what cork can do for your gasket. Remember that cork can give your gasket the high level of heat resistance that it needs, and the benefits that you will get from using cork in the gasket will not stop there. Cork will also give your gasket the oil resistance it needs. Cork will also make the gasket resistant to moisture, and this will add a layer of security to the usage of the gasket. Cork will be useful if you need to withstand a high level of bolting pressure with your gasket.


If you need to use your gasket in a wide array of consumer product applications, cork is for you because it has the properties you need. Cork is not expensive in any way, and this will make the high ROI that you can get from your gaskets a reality. Making your gasket highly resistant to wear and tear is possible when you use cork as the material of choice. Cork gasket suppliers can give you what you need.

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