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The information about rubber extrusion


Extrusion is a process by which a material is pressed through a dye to create a specific shape for a wide range of applications. Some of the most used materials in the extrusion process include aluminum, plastic polymers and rubber.

 Rong Sheng Long Rubber Seals-The information about rubber extrusion

There are different types of rubber extrusion processes:

Continuous extrusion in a line: The rubber material passes through a treatment tunnel which leads to the appropriate vulcanization temperature. Extrusion in off-line mode: The hot rubber is passed through dying and then the explosion is done in high pressure to get the proper treatment temperature.

To understand how extradition works in the language of ordinary people, a very simple example can be a play-to-factory in which the children play. All you have to do is put some fun in the container and press down to shape the toy. The dough has a star, car or small tube size. Rubber profiles work in the same way, due to which rubber is given custom size according to requirements and specifications. They are used to trim the inner parts of transit trains. He never thinks about them, but they make the trains stable. The aerospace industry is another area where they are used in large quantities as needed.

Looking at the medical or pharmaceutical industry, they can be found in the construction of pipes and other highly advanced medical devices and machines. When all the main areas use it, how can you become a food and dairy industry? Custom tubes are used during the process of dairy and production. It is important to find the right rubber extrusion manufacturers based on the demand for the type of product, which requires the extraction of rubber.


Below its brief explanation of how this process works, and especially some specific application of rubber extrusion. Non-standard rubber stamps work in the same way: A custom matrix is made according to the specifications required, and then the molten rubber is passed through the dye to make the desired product.

The extrusion process of l begins with the rubber compound fed into the extruder. The material is fed into a feeder, which takes the material and opens it in different forests in the surrounding fingers. The spoon will begin to explain the front of the ball in the string of the string and expand it to the weight and the temperature occurs as the material approaches and passes by itself. Once the incoming material enters the die, the built-in pressure implements the material through opportunities, where it will continue with different degrees depending on the compound and difficulty. Because of this inflammation, many expelled areas need to give or take the disease on their cross groups. In the middle of the herding, the expulsion ball will kill or specialize in its two parts of the cross and its length, depending on the type of ball field used.

After vulcanization, general length of rubber extrusion will the length of the rubber extrusion will be reduced in size more in length than the end of these pieces is made and aggravates caused by non-color that are produced in an extruder. The next Extrusion leaves the rubber in a stylish, unadulterated state. In this case, completed items will be incomplete, or smaller, before release.


Equipment is used during the rubber extrusion process

The rubber extrusion manufacturers will use 12-inch, two-segment hot air furnace for silicon applications, as well as the best "Davis Standard 2", 2 "and 3" extrusion machines to rely on a steamed 14 " autocom machine. To eliminate the product, for neoprene, nitrile, EPDM and other types of rubber, high-quality drill, top-class grinder and top-class polishing machines are used in its finishing department, the product is used for customer specifications It does comply, even if it means that the staff will trim manually to ensure the inspection of items trained for perfection Will monitor the production process that the finished product will always be consistent with the demand by the customer.


Type of products produced

It is not possible to list all possible applications for rubber extrusion because there is a wide range of industries that use them. Rubber extrusion products can be anything from rubber gasket, exhaust flanges, pump drain hoses, and cabinet seals to drain pipes, pressure switches, connectors, and bumpers. Rubber extrusion manufacturers can make each product according to their customers' needs. The price of the product will depend on the complexity of the item as well as the size of the order. The more orders you make, the less expensive the unit price will be. Talk to your company representative for detailed information.


Some applications of rubber extrusion

- They are used extensively to eliminate the interiors of transport trains

- Custom profiles are created for sealing purposes in the aerospace industry

- They are used for decorative purposes along with noise suppressors as well as in a modern architectural design.

Extra is used to make pipes and other special equipment in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

- Food and dairy industry require non-standard pipes in their production processes, and extract also helps in this area.


Rubber extrusion advantages

-An enormous assortment of shapes.

- Economical procedure.

- Flexible and lightweight products.

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