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Oil pipeline

Oil pipeline

Oil pipeline system is mainly used to transport oil and oil products. The pipeline system, mainly composed of oil pipelines, oil station and other auxiliary equipment, is one of the main equipment of oil storage and transportation industry. The system mainly transports crude oil and oil products. Compared to the mode of transportation of the railway and highway, the oil pipeline has a large capacity, good sealing, low cost and high safety coefficient, etc.

The pipe material of the oil pipeline is generally steel pipe, and the connecting device such as welding and flange is used to connect the distance pipe, and the valve is used for opening and closing control and flow adjustment. The oil pipeline mainly provides isothermal conveying, heat transfer and sequential transportation. Corrosion and the protection of the pipeline are important for the maintenance of the pipeline. The PTFE gasket of R.S.L. provides strict tightness of for the interface of the connecting pipe to prevent leakage of pipeline and has excellent corrosion resistance.

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