PTFE gaskets

Since 2000, R.S.L. has been engaged in the production of PTFE gaskets, PTFE seals, PTFE washers and PTFE envelopes. As an expert in the industry, we are able to manufacture PTFE gaskets in large quantity efficiently.

Having invested heavily in the purchase of the machines, we ensure each product is precisely made. PTFE provides excellent thermal insulation and is one of the most famous chemically resistant plastic products. It is unaffected by the most corrosive liquids, vapors, and gases as well. By adopting this kind of material, the product conforms to both FDA and AMS specifications and can be widely applied in the industries like electrical, food, beverage & pharmaceutical, and semi-conductor. By mixing PTFE and inorganic fillers, the wear resistance and initial deformation of the product are greatly improved. At the same time, the hardness is increased, and the coefficient of thermal expansions is decreased, so that the stability of the machine can be guaranteed. With the performance of temperature resistance, the product can be used safely for a long time in a wide temperature range. The product is very easy to cut and can be cut by mechanical or manual. Easy to install also provides more convenience for the users.

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