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R.S.L.’s O-ring is a kind of ring-shaped mechanical gasket and has the most common mechanical design for sealing.

It is a circular cross-section ring showing a perfect curved shape. The perfect combination of the elastomer O-ring and gland helps the product to prevent the loss of fluid or gas. It can withstand dozens of pascal (thousand pounds) pressure, and can seal perfectly even under a wide range of pressure, temperature, and tolerance. It has light weight and small size, requiring little space. Thanks to the excellent performance of the raw materials, the product requires no smearing or retightening and features easy maintenance, which can be more labor-saving. There will be no critical torque when being tightened, so structural damage is not easily caused. Besides that, compared to the non-elastic flat seals, it can be reused for many times.

The product enjoys wide applications for a diverse scope of materials used in the production. The materials include rubber, elastic polymers, or elastomers. These polymers will usually go through vulcanization process, therefore creating a stronger, more durable, and more elastic rubber. Because of the different properties of the materials, the product has distinguished advantages like tear resistance. With the performance of low cost, simple manufacturing, reliable operation and simple installation, R.S.L.’s O-ring has gained more popularity in the industry of automobiles, engines, and aerospace.

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