Flange gasket Oring

In R.S.L., the flange gaskets can be available in the form of corrugated metal, ring, spiral-wound gaskets, and full face flange gasket.

The full face gasket is made of solid steel ring that can also be manufactured in different shapes to match the cross-sectional appearance of the host pipe. The product covers the entire face of the flange. This means it has the same outer diameter measurement as the flange, and it also has the holes for the securing bolts pre-cut into the gasket. We ensure the interior diameter, exterior diameter, bolt holes, and the spacing are designed with the exact dimensions. We design the fixed bolt holes, so that the technicians can install the gasket lining up the interior hole and clearly know the correct location. In this way, the positioning of the product is much easier. In addition, we ensure there is no gap between two bolting surfaces, so no dirt can be access to the inside of the product. The materials for producing the product are resistant to the mild chemicals, water and oil.

Our full face gasket are mainly used in the oil and gas industries and full in-house engineering support is available for the customers in R.S.L.

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