Flange adaptor gasket

R.S.L.’s flange adapter rubber ring is a seal applied to the flange adapter and pipe connection.

During the design process, the dimensions of the product are measured and designed to be perfectly precise, which can ensure the water-tight and lasting seal.

Taking the use of flange adapter requirements into account, we adopt EPDM gasket approved by the drinking water to ensure the 100% health for users. Besides that, it belongs to the wading product and we guarantee that only environmental auxiliaries can be added to the product. All gaskets meet the requirements of the sanitation. As for the performance, this product are manufactured in accordance with the highest standard in the industry. Its tensile strength is tested to be superior and has reached 9Mpa. Made of excellent materials, the product is resistant to the ozone and there are no cracks after being tested. By cause of the pressure generated by the tightening screws on the apron, the product has reached the effect of sealing leakage. It is perfectly used for the flange adapter.

R.S.L. flange adapter rubber ring has passed the BS EN681-1 physical performance test and reached the international certification including WRAS certification approved by the EU.

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