Flange gaskets

After 30 years of development, R.S.L. has acquired a lot of expertise in manufacturing the ring gaskets, flange gaskets and other types of gaskets.

The flange gasket has a similar design with the ring gasket. They are all designed with bolt holes in the surface area between the ID and OD. With its simplest form, the flange gasket is used to fit between two sections of pipe and each pipe section has a flared area that provides a surface for the gasket to attach to. The materials for the gasket are chemically and thermally compatible with the internal fluid and the external environment. Under specific condition like high temperature, the materials with high temperature performance can also be adopted. The medium used in the middle of the pipe connection is a ring made of the materials that has certain strength. Its holes allow the connecting bolts to bypass the gasket and affix to the adjacent pipe end. When the connecting bolts are tightened, the rubber flange gasket is compressed, therefore creating the seal against leaks and contaminant ingress. 

With extensive in-stock inventory and knowledgeable engineering and production staff, R.S.L. is able to produce specific custom gaskets and custom flange gaskets. Our flange gaskets come in a variety of sizes and various thickness.

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