Damping pads

R.S.L. manufactures damping pads for the stable and safe operation of the machines. We mainly have two kinds of products including rubber shock pad and buffers.

There are different functions of the damping pads that should be mentioned. It can reduce resonant amplitude of the mechanical structure, so as to avoid structural damage due to the dynamic stress limit. With the performance of the product, it can help the mechanical system return to a stable state after the instant impact, which promotes the stability and safety of the machine and therefore, ensures the personal safety. By using the product to reduce the vibration amplitude by the sound radiation, the mechanical noise can be greatly reduced. For those machines, especially the high-precision machine tools requiring a high degree of shock resistance and dynamic stability, their dynamic performance can be greatly improved after adopting the damping pads and a variety of damping processing, so that the processing accuracy of the machines can also be improved.

Different types of damping pads have different applications. For example, the buffers are commonly used in conjunction with resiliently mounted frames to limit ultimate movement under extreme load conditions. And the rubber shock pad is often used in the punch, ball mill, printing machinery, and so on.

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